Friday, August 31, 2012

getting the ball rolling

check out this chameleon we found today while working on our raised beds :) have a look at our 'projects' page for more details on that. now that our beds are practically finished, transplanting the seedlings is next. keep an eye out for photos of the completed beds with plants snug inside- coming soon...

 venus keeping us on our toes and entertained all day

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

welcome to the family

last week friday we were blessed with our new little girl, venus. just 7 weeks old today, she has given us so much love and non-stop smiles. louis also decided to take one of her sisters home, so we have little mishka running around and keeping venus company too. double trouble! thank you SO much anne and brandon, for approving us as good parents and of course to mama luna, for having such beautiful pups. here are some photos:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

news from winter wonderland

so, where to begin?! we have moved into a new cottage closer to town with a bit more room for activities, so it suits us three really well. there is no electricity so instead we're running on gas and solar power which of course is a lot more friendly for the pocket and the planet. because of our limited power, blog updates are few and far between these days, but we'll try and keep it going at least once a week. our new home had lots of character and a lovely little fireplace which keeps us warm in the crispy cool nighttime. speaking of which- on monday and tuesday last week we had beautiful snow, covering the leafy ground and all the trees in the area. then the rain came on wednesday and washed it all away much to our disappointment. but there's talk of more snow coming this week, so let's hold thumbs! in other exciting news, we're expecting to take home our new little puppy soon. she is nearly six weeks old, looking SO cute and rather on the chubby side. so keep an eye out for that too. here are some pics, enjoy! lots of love to all of you around the world x x x