weird and wonderful

Ambling about in the garden on a sunny day...

we found this little critter at the boat house plot in Knysna :)

king of the road
how's this for an epic road trip vehicle- an old mercedes truck with a caravan strapped on to it.. PLUS a boat and a motor bike. 

a not so incy wincy spider
we found this spider while building the earthworm farm- with the help of google, the closest possible identification we've made for this big guy is a 'golden orb-web spider' which to our relief is not poisonous. still pretty creepy though! we can be thankful that he's helping catch the bugs, stopping them from getting to the earthworms! check out his crazy 'lego-man' face in the 2nd picture :)

there are loads of super interesting facts here:

noisy noonoos
we found this little critter a while back when we were adventuring in hogsback.. anybody who has been there and had a walk in the forest will remember the extremely loud singing buzz coming from the trees. we got up close and personal and finally found the source- cicadas! how's that for camouflage...