Monday, February 18, 2013

home is where the heart is

hellooooo friends. hope you're all well and happy.. and if you're not- well best you do something about it! we're back in hogsback after a short but sweet trip to visit family and friends in cape town. sorry for those we missed, and to all those we did see it was great to catch up! thanks to both of our families too, for all the love and nurturing and fun times being back at home. home really is where the heart is.. but if our hearts come back with us here to hogsback and further on to wherever we wander.. then surely that is home too? i guess, but its a different kind of home because there's nothing quite like quality family time. anyway- there are a few pics for you on our missions page, and some more of the greens from the garden too. our first cucumbers- yes! and warermelons and butternuts and tomatoes on the way. lots of love to you all- 
jeff, katie and venus x

sleeping off the kilometers

Friday, February 1, 2013

happy february everyone!

wow, we cannot believe that the first month of 2013 has already gone by! the garden is looking fantastic, and we're getting more and more produce from it every day. thankfully our delightful plants who have given us fruit are also producing some seeds for us to harvest and take with us on our new adventures. There are heaps of blackberries all over that garden so we're hoping to make a blackberry pie some time soon too- so keep an eye out for that! there's a home video and some more pics on the snippets page (a cool new thing we've added, although it takes AGES to upload so i'm afraid there wont be too many of those).. and a bit more of our delicious produce from the garden. we're going on a little road trip on monday, so we'll be posting pics from that too. Otherwise, we hope you are all well and smiling and having a great sunny summer! lots of love from us three x x x

hydrangea in the garden