Friday, September 14, 2012

antique fusion jewellery

last week we helped out our friend anne with the photo shoot for her new spring range of jewellery. check out her website at to see the rest of her beautiful creations! here's a little inside info:

Antique Fusion Jewellery was started in early 2008, by jewellery designer Anne-Michelle, in Cape Town. Anne-Michelle studied at the Ruth Prowse school of art, where she channeled her passion for art and design into a career in jewellery.

"Antiques have always fascinated me. There is something so magical about exploring time gone by through objects of the past. Evey piece tells a different story. I like to think the pieces I create, carry that story into the now. I can spend hours wondering through antique shops searching for beautiful pieces to use in my work.  Antique Fusion is about bringing together the past and the present, the antique and the contemporary, to create a wonderful collaboration of style and design. Each piece is individually hand crafted, making every piece unique." 

Now based in the small Eastern Cape mountain village of Hogsback, Anne-Michelle and her partner Brandon work together, making Antique Fusion jewellery in their beautiful mountain view studio. 

she and brandon are opening up a shop here in hogsback in the next two weeks- called the dreamery so be sure to keep an eye out for photos of that too :)

a friend from not so far away

our friend, andrew brukman, came to stay for a couple of days while working on his photojournalism project. he studies at rhodes so we weren't too far away, but far enough :) here are some of the awesome photos he took on our weekend with us. thanks for the super pics, andy- what a treat to spend some time with you again! x

take a look at some of andy's other work on his tumblr account: 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

spring has sprung

take a look at the beautiful flowers and blossoms scattered around hogsback in the springtime :)