the family circus

 cooking supper on gas by candle light

 butterfly sipping on a savannah at the bistro

venus growing up fast!

Breakfast Club

Christmas Festivities

This year we spent Christmas here, and had a super duper amazing luncheon at Anne and Brandon's house. What a treat.. so much delicious food, great friends for company and happy times. Thanks to all of our friends for making this Christmas as close to a family gathering as it could have been :)

our delightful luncheon queen- thank you! 

Venus, Mowgli and Miyagi 

Mama Beard comes to visit!
My mom came up to visit us for 2 days- far too short :(
It was such fun to spend some time with you again, mama- love and miss you lots! x x x

the hogsback library :) 

The past few weeks...

 the chapel

 mr rossco comes to visit from cape town- yessssss!!

 new additions to the family coming soon- keep an eye out for more!

rockin' horror Halloween party at the bistro: me, pieter, crystal. wooo!

October so far
Here's a look at what we've been up to...

 crystal and nic

 catching a quick nap at work...

 venus growing up fast! check out the ears :)

Anne and Brandon got some laying hens- and invited us around for pancake 
breakie on their first collection of eggs. Yay!

 delicious thursday night veggie vegan dinner with nearest and dearests :)

The Dreamery
So finally The Dreamery Design Boutique has opened its doors to the world! Very exciting for all :) Well done, Anne and Brandon, for making such a success of this dream. It looks awesome! 
Wishing you many happy days of success and all good things to come. Hip hip hooraaay!
Click here to go to their Facebook page for more info and photos.

During our Spring Festival this weekend, we went to have a look at the beautiful bonsai exhibition. Amongst them were Japanese Maples, a Hawthorn forest and an Azalea tree, ranging from 3 to 18 years old. There was also a flower arranging competition which we sadly missed out on entering.. but take a look at the pics! 


some shots from inside our little home :)

Butterfly's Bistro

I've started working at a really great little local restaurant called Butterfly's Bistro for a bit of extra pocket money. The whole place is covered in butterflies of all different shapes and sizes.. very eye-catching! We serve breakfasts and light meals, and some of the best coffee in town. I am part of a team of wonderful colourful ladies who keep the place going. Definitely a must see when in Hogsback :)

Hogsback lately

brandon's dog, luna, had beautiful puppies!

our extraordinary looking poitjie at nick's house

nick's surprise birthday party at butterfly's bistro

hannah fire dancing

richard and andrea are here!

This was our cottage while we helped out at Hopeleigh.


cottage at Mafika's

 Terra Khaya
 Shane herding the horses at Terra Khaya
 awesome walk Louis took us on

 chopping for supper at home

making delicious pizzas at Hannah's house 


home away from home- thank you Daryn, the Ubuntu crew, and the guests, for an awesome stay. SUCH good times- it was so great to meet all of you!

 sunrise from the Ubuntu balcony

 surfer's brekkie

 classic supertubes

WILD SPIRIT (natures valley)

thanks to jaryd, ola and the wild spirit crew for an awesome snuggly time. hi 5 to little Bongi and Peter, it was wonderful to meet you too and hear your stories! We will be back for sure.


We went for lekker evening cycles in and around town

got barrelled in a driveway

We had drinks with awesome friends steve and judy

On Friday we made pasta in exchange for two suppers at The Venus Ear, our favourite hang out every two weeks. Drums, stories, great food, friends, fire, poi. Thanks so much to Debbie and Lynne for opening up such a beautiful space to us. We'll be back for more!

On Saturday we had our last stall at the market. Thanks Steve and Judy for sharing your stall with us! Awesome to have met all the wonderful faces of the market :)

Our friend, James, found a dead owl on the road and picked it up for the feathers which he super kindly gave us a whole bunch of. Thanks so much James- can't wait to make some more creative creations with them!

There was a power cut on Sunday from 5am until 7.30pm so we spent the day packing and playing outside in the garden :)

Our friend came to say hello again!