Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Marching On

Hello wonderful family, friends and followers! Take a look on our garden page for a burst of colour as our garden produces more and more delicious goodness.. And have a peek at our missions page for some more fun in the sun. As we sail through March we draw nearer to the end, which means the end of our time in Hogsback (for now). We'll be setting off around the 27th on new adventures (but with a pitstop with family and familiar places first) further up the eastern coast of our beautiful country. We can't wait to see some new surroundings and meet some new people, however, we are so sad to be leaving such a wonderful home here in Hogsback and all the beautiful friends we've made. You truly have made a huge impact in our lives and we will never forget you or what you have taught us. All the sadness aside- here's to a fantastic 2ish more weeks left.. lots of festivities going on! We've got Anne and Brandon's wedding (!), some parties and farewell dinners and happy gatherings. Cheers to the rest of March, let the fun begin! All our love, Jeff, Katie and Venus x x x

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